martes, 8 de septiembre de 2009

World Youth Day Madrid 2011 on the web

World Youth Day Sydney, 2008, went down in history as the first World Youth Day to use the latest media of online social networks and text messaging to reach young people.

New technologies will also play a role in World Youth Day Madrid 2011. Some 150,000 websites are promoting the event, with just over 700 days until it kicks off.

Madrid 2011 already has thousands of followers on Facebook and Xt3. There are links to the World Youth Days official website on these social networks, which provide background information and the latest news.

Along with the official website, there are also several blogs offering background materials on the event. But more than sources of information, the blogs are also meeting points for the young and old planning on attending World Youth Day.

Its all one big social network as a way to prepare for the big event with the pope in Spain.

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